My laboratory has the following research interests:

  • Development of novel diagnostics-related systems, this includes protein separation systems, protein chips, nanomaterial-based fluorescent/NIR probes, surface chemistry for protein binding and biosensors. The goal is to tackle existing technological challenges in effective detection of low-abundant proteins and post-translational modified proteins in complex biological samples.
  • Development of versatile and biocompatible nanomaterials for drug delivery to improve bioavailability, effective targeting and controlled release of drugs for chronic diseases. This includes prodrugs and combinatory medicine: the combination of thermotherapy/drug/gene therapy.  The goal is to tackle the problems of drug resistance and side-effects commonly seen in today’s medicine for chronic diseases.
  • Discovery of novel drug targets in autoimmune diseases.
  • Homecare/point-of-care systems, novel biosensor, telemedicine and machine-learning diagnostics.