Lab members

Wu Lab, 2015 BME Day

    Wu lab on BME Day 2015 (Project show)


Farewell to Dr. Shan Jiang


4/4/2016    Welcome Dr. Yuling Yuan joining the lab!


6/14/2016  Welcome Dr. Hongting (Leona) Wang joining the lab!


8/22/2016 Welcome Dr. Xia (Helen) Hong joining the lab!

2016 Summer Interns

WuLab-2017-summer small

2017 Summer

Jinyi Qiu’s graduation, 2018
Zuantao Lin’s graduation, 2018 (Zuantao Lin, PhD student, South China Agricultural University, B.S.)
Yaxi Li’s graduation, 2021. From left to right: Bowen Yang (PhD student, Vanderbilt University, B.S.), Yaxi Li (PhD student, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, M.S.), Tianfu Wu (Principal Investigator), Shu Zhang (PhD student, Sichuan University B.S.), Chenling Tang (PhD student, Illinois Institute of Technology, M.S.)