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  • Chenling Tang has joined the lab as a PhD student, Welcome Chenling!
  • Dr. Li Quan’s two papers were recently published in Chem Comm and J Mol Structure, respectively, congratulations!
  • Jinyi’s paper was published online in Proteomics Clinical Applications, congratulations!
  • 08/2019, Shu Zhang, our new PhD student joined the lab. Welcome Shu!
  • 02/2019, Yikun Xing, our undergraduate research intern has been admitted for graduate school by Baylor College of Medicine.  Congratulations! Yikun is a co-author of two peer-reviewed articles from our lab, and he is also a recipient of the Provost Undergraduate Research Scholarship (PURS).
  • 01/2019, Yulin Yuan’s paper on novel autoantibodies in Psoriatic arthritis (PsA) was published in Arthritis and Rheumatology, and will be accompanied by an editorial commentary article in the same issue. Congratulations!
  • 12/2018, Yaxi Li has successfully passed her PhD qualifying exam, congratulations!
  • 07/2018, Zuan-Tao Lin has passed his thesis defense on “Polymeric Signal Amplifiers in Biosensing” for PhD in Biomedical Engineering, congratulations!
  • 07/2018, Jingyi Qiu successfully passed her thesis defense for master degree in Biomedical Engineering. Congratulations!